School Police: Success in Ulaanbaatar

2017 оны 5 сарын 12

Parents have started patrol around schools in Ulaanbaatar to prevent elementary and middle pupils from becoming victims of or participants in school-based offenses, bullying or theft. The parental patrol will not only work against crime, but also help students cross roads before and after school.

Officially launched in 2013, the ‘School Police’ programme, is an initiative organised by the Ulaanbaatar City Crime Prevention and Regulation Council (UCCPRC), the district police departments and the Ulaanbaatar Education Authority. The  UCCPRC has just met school principals and parents to announce how the patrols are being carried out.

According to statistics, every day, a total of 4000 parents, or 33600 parents in a month, patrol around schools. It appears to be going successfully: during the first quarter of 2017, pupils were connected with 14 offences, which represents a 44 percent decrease on the same period in 2016.

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